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From 1.1.5, SuTweet supports Gmail-like filter and label. Click “Labels” in home screen will open the label screen.

Filter and label

Filter and label

Label screen

There are two sections in the screen: Inbox and Label.


  • Timeline: All tweets in your twitter timeline will be here by default, unless some filters archive it
  • Mentions: Same as mentions in home screen, just for your convenience
  • Direct messages: Same as Direct messages – inbox in home screen, just for your convenience


  • List all your labels, click to see the tweets with this label

What’s filter?

It like the filter in Gmail. For every tweet in your timeline, SuTweet will check whether it matches any filter’s criteria. If matches, SuTweet will do the actions specifies by the filter, such as archive, mark as read, apply label.


Situation 1: The peoples I’m following use foursquare too much, but I don’t care where they are, the foursquare check in messages are useless to me. I can create a filter to move the check in message to a separate label. The message will not show in the timelime.

Situation 2: I am interested in android and don’t want miss any tweet in my timeline. I can create a filter to label the tweet with “android” in it and give them a label. If I only have a little time to read tweets, I will check this label and all tweets with “android” are there.

Filter setup example

Suppose I want to put foursquare check in message to a label called foursquare.

  • Enable auto update time in Settings->Update and Notifications->Check timeline. Filters are only applied to new tweets, not to tweets already in SuTweet.
Settings->Check timeline

Settings->Check timeline

  • In the Home screen or Label screen, press menu, select “Filters”


  • Press “+” at the title bar
  • Input “foursquare” at Client


  • Select skip inbox (archive)
  • Press apply label, a label select screen will open


  • Press “+” to add a new label “foursquare” and “OK” button
  • Click the new “foursquare” to use it
  • We are back to the filter screen, click the “create” button to create the filter

Click Create

  • The filters screen like this
Filters screen

Filters screen

  • Done. Any tweets sent from foursquare will in the “foursquare” label, not showing in the inbox:timeline

Labels with foursquare

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